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The Underdog is the first in a series of 100 unique NFT digital collectables. It is custom illustrated and designed by Defi-Keez, a multidisciplined creative from Oakland, California.

The story of the underdog is a tale that has been told many times, in many places. From David and Goliath to Rocky Balboa. It's a classic narrative of perseverance and triumph in the face of any challenges.


“The Underdog character was developed a few years ago after experiencing some major setbacks and financial difficulty. Out of frustration, I picked up a pencil and began sketching again, and out came this character, and it's been my mascot ever since,” said Defi-Keez. 


This particular body of work is inspired from 8-bit graphics from some of Defi-Keez’s favorite old school video games like Pac-Man, and Mega Man.


The Underdog is a limited edition collector's capsule allows the owner to:


  • Receive early adopter lapel pin

  • Receive exclusive early adopter members VIP access to our Closed Capsule IRL gallery

  • Early access to our random 1of 1 drops 

  • Access to exclusive member's only content and member's only discord channels

  • Random NFT air drops


  and much more! 

"let the work speak"

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Closed Capsule is a member's only underground collectors club. It is a bazaar that shares a dual existence between the metaverse and our physical gallery.


We are a team of creators, curators, and purveyors of random rare collectibles of art, music, design, film, and fashion. We operate under the shared ethos of not doing a bunch of talking, but rather, “letting the work speak.” 


We are in the early stages of building out our Discord community and would love for you to join us as we embark on this wild web3 journey.

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